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Sticky situations

Drama| 13,240 words

The collection begins with "The Beat". Tara is a cop in a busy town that never sleeps. One night while trying to enjoy time at home, she is rushed off to a liquor store robbery where the robber turns out to be her brother. Through a roller coaster of emotions and duty, Tara has to do her duty and uphold the law.


"The Room" starts off like any other patron visiting a hotel room, but it doesn't end that way. Karen is taken for a ride on her one-night stay to hell. She saw writing on the mirror and heard voices telling her she was doomed.  Karen just tries to make it through the night.


"The Hitchhiker" is a story about Sam, a lonely man down on his luck walking the streets hoping to catch a break. Then he is picked up by Nathan and together they take a ride that possibly gives Sam a new friend and a new sense of hope in his life. 

The production of this e-book involved several steps and processes. Polishing the e-book content. Building, formatting, and programming the manuscript following industry standards to create e-book files that would be compatible with multiple devices. Finally, uploading the e-book for publication and distribution, and creating marketing material for it.

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